What happens at Monster Hot Wheels events?
At most Monster Hot Wheels events, Monster Hot Wheels  trucks face off in at least two different forms of competition – racing and freestyle. Racing is traditional bracket racing, where the first truck to cross the finish line with the least number of penalties is the winner. The freestyle competition allows the trucks time on an open floor to show off their skills as they finesse the huge machines in a jaw dropping display of punishing stunts and amazing tricks.

Where can I find Pit Party information and how do I obtain a Pit Pass?
Pit Party and Pit Pass information can be found on the official website of Monster Hot Wheels monsterhotwheels.com. Click on TICKETS and select your event. Events are listed in chronological/date order with the Location (City, State).

Do children need a ticket to attend Monster Hot Wheels events?
Ticket information can be found on Monster Hot Wheels.com. Click on TICKETS and select your event. At most events – children under the age of 2, do not require a ticket because they can sit on their parent’s lap during the show. Some events may feature a discounted children’s ticket for children ages 2-12. Always check Monster Hot Wheels.com to get all the ticket pricing details including discounts.

How long are Monster Hot Wheels events?
Events usually last between two to two and a half hours long including intermission.

Do I need ear protection?
At any live sporting event, children or adults may be sensitive to the noise level. Ear plugs and headphones are sold at Monster Hot Wheels merchandise stands. You can also bring your own ear protection..

Does the event take place if it rains?
Outdoor events take place rain or shine. Event delays or cancellations are determined by event officials. Check Monster Hot Wheels.com and for updates or announcements.

Are digital cameras allowed?
Cameras are allowed for still photography only. Most venues do not allow a camera or lens that could be considered for professional use. If your camera is questionable, contact the venue to confirm their policy. Video recorders, tape recorders and digital cameras with recording capabilities are prohibited any time during an event. Any tripod or other photography equipment may not be used or placed in any area of the venue without Monster Hot Wheels� issued media credentials.

How do I get a specific greeting mentioned by the announcer at the event?
Unfortunately due to the overwhelming amount of requests we receive, we are unable to accommodate these requests.

How do I obtain an Monster Hot Wheels driver’s autograph?
You are able to obtain a driver’s autograph at the Monster Hot Wheels Pit Party or at the autograph session that takes place after the show is over. Announcements will be made during the event regarding the location of the post-show autograph session.

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